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2018-07-05 @ 15:36:00

The final stop of the trip - Milan. We arrived midday in Milan, had lunch, checked in to our hostel and had a shower to get ready for the rest of the day. We mostly strolled around in the city, went shopping and then had dinner in a neighbourhood called Brera. 
It was the best pizza of the trip, but it was also sooo filling. After dinner we went for another walk and had ice coffee before we went to sleep. 
Today we’ve basically done the same thing - had breakfast, walked around, had lunch, and now we’re on the train on our way to the airport. The journey has come to an end and we’ve had an amazing time. Now I only have all the photos from the camera to look forward to...


2018-07-04 @ 13:48:00

So, Cinque Terre. We arrived in Riomaggiore late in the afternoon on Maria’s birthday. We checked in to our hostel-room that was "ten stair steps from the beach". I mean it was really close, but saying that it was ten stair steps would be to exaggerate. 
We went down to the beach, or cliffs, took a late swim before we went back up to our room and got ready for the evening. We went to a restaurant in the middle of the hill of Riomaggiore where we had pasta and wine to celebrate Maria.
Monterosso with the umbrellas, Corniglia in the hill and the rest is Riomaggiore
The next day we took the ferry to Monterosso where we went for a walk, had lunch and ice coffee. On the ferry we went past all of the five towns of Cinque Terre. 
We spent the afternoon back in Riomaggiore, partly in the water, partly sunbathing on the cliffs. In the evening we went to get take away pizza which we also had in the cliffs in the sunset with only one of the greatest views you could imagine.
Vernazza, pizza in Riomaggiore and Manarola 
The second day we went to Vernazza where we did the coast walk to Corniglia and got some amazing views. We walked around in Corniglia for a while, had lunch and then took the train back to Riomaggiore. The afternoon got spent in the same way as the day before. 
In the evening we took the train back to Manarola where we went for a stroll, and then finished off our last night in Cinque Terre with pasta, wine and gelato. 


2018-07-01 @ 14:23:00

Birthday breakfast, Venice
We arrived at our hostel that was located in Venezia Mestre in the evening. We went to the supermarket to get pasta pesto which we then made at the hostel before we went to bed. The are we lived in was a bit weird, but it was really close to the train station which took us in to Venice. 
The next day was my birthday! We got a breakfast buffé at the hostel before we went in to Venice. We spent the day wandering the streets and bridges of Venice, had sandwiches for lunch and got ice cream.
To ride the gondola in Venice is like getting right in the tourist trap, but we managed to find a Colombian family of four people who wanted to share a gondola with us, and it was actually very nice! I would want to spend more time in a gondola if it wasn’t so expensive. 
Getting through Venice is not a walk in the park so we went back to our hostel in the afternoon to freshen up. Johannes came to Venice as well so he came to our hostel where we had a few drinks before we took the train back to Venice. We had dinner just next to the water, existing of pasta and pizza. 
After the dinner we met up with the conducter from the train we took in to Venice. Venice is not a big party-city so he showed us around and took us to a bar area where a lot of the locals went. We had a really good night out before me and Maria took the bus back to our hostel.
The next day we went straight to Venice to get breakfast/lunch and found a cozy place in the middle of the town. After that we proceeded to discover the streets of Venice and only stopped for ice coffee, snacks and ice cream. We met up with Johannes as well before we went back to the hostel.
In the evening we just got ready for the next day and had dinner with Johannes at the hostel.


2018-06-28 @ 12:40:00

Medulin and the old arena in Pula
When FINALLY arriving to Medulin after a bustrip that was supposed to take three hours, but instead took six, we got picked up at the bus stop by the woman, Rose, who we rented the apartment from. We got settled, went food shopping, made tacos and then we didn’t get up to very much before we went to sleep. 
The next day we went straight to the beach, there is one big beach in Medulin, Sandy Beach, which sounded much better than it actually was. It was full of tourists and neither the beach or the water was very nice at all. We had lunch at the beach and then we walked further out on the half island where we found some cliffs, good snorkeling and not too many people.
The second day we had in Medulin the weather was quite bad, so we went in to Pula where we checked out the city and the old town. 
 A rooftop restaurant and a bar in the harbour 
There are not a lot to say about the remaining two days we had in Medulin, we spent the whole day on the beach, brought lunch and had ice cream. On Tuesday we went out for dinner and drinks. 
Now we’re back on the bus and on our way to Italy and Venice.


2018-06-23 @ 11:36:00

Izola harbour, Marski Val and breakfast at the hostel 
Dear Izola, what a nice time we’ve had with you. We arrived in Izola from Bled at 6 in the evening, checked in to our hostel, and then went straight down to the beach to go for a late swim. After the swim we went out for dinner in the harbour. 
The next morning we met two Slovenian guys at the hostel who we went to the beach with. The Slovenian guys didn’t stand very long in the sun, but me and Maria spent the whole day on the beach except when we went back to the hostel to make lunch. 
After the beach I went for a run, then we made dinner at the hostel. The Slovenian guys told us about some kind of musical evenings which took place in Purin, a town not far from Izola, where they were going. Maria stayed at the hostel, but I followed them to Purin, a beautiful town where no cars were allowed. 
There were some jamming going on at different places in the town, we ended up by some Croatian rap for a while before we continued exploring the city. We sat down for beer, but the evening didn’t get to late since the last bus to Izola left at 22.10. 
Friday and midsummer eve! Believe it or not but on this day we had rain and not a lot more than 20 degrees. Our very friendly hostel host recommended us a museum we could go to during the rain. It was a museum about Izolas boat history. After that we chilled at the hostel for a while, then I decided to go to a local gym.
After the gym we made lunch and then the sun came back! Not very surprising we ran down to the beach to get an hour of sun before we had to get ready for the evening. 
>> The night before when we went to Purin I met Johannes on the bus, a friend I went to school with almost ten years ago. He was travelling by himself, and were more than happy to join us for the midsummer celebrations in Izola. >>
So, Johannes came to Izola, we got strawberries and wine and went to a park to sit down. Thereafter we went to a restaurant in the harbour were we had a really good midsummer dinner, clams, calamari and burger. The waiter got us shots on the house, which I think he enjoyed more than we did. 
After dinner we went on to a wine bar just by our hostel where sat for a while before we went back to the hostel and went to sleep. 


2018-06-20 @ 22:15:00

Lake Bohinj
The day after our wonderful stay in Ljubljana we took the bus to Bled. Bled is very famous for its beautiful lake, Lake Bled, with it’s turquoise water and castle on the lakeside. We checked in to our hostel, but decided to take the bus to another lake close by which is meant to be very beautiful as well but have fewer tourists. 
Lake Bohinj was amazing as well, specially in the sunset. We hiked around it, and finished with a swim. 
Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled
When we came back from Bohinj we cooked pasta carbonara at the hostel. I went to a bar across the street with some others at the hostel to watch one of the soccer games before we went to bed as well.
The next day we woke up quite early to have time to see Lake Bled before we had to catch the train for our next stop. We walked around the lake and hiked our way up to one of the viewpoints. That, lunch, and an ice coffee before we had to leave Bled was all we had time for that day.


2018-06-19 @ 18:56:00

Gostilna dela 
First of all, Ljubljana - wow. What a beautiful city, and l just can’t believe what a good day we had there when I’m looking back at the pictures.
We arrived late at night, and started the next day with breakfast at a café called Gostlina dela. 
 Next we went for a walk in the old town (which was the only thing we saw of Ljubljana to be honest).
Thereafter we walked up to the castle to see the view over the city (and a bit of he castle ofcourse).
Ljubljanica and Ljubljanski dvor
We had a lot of planning to do over future stops so we sat down at a restaurant just next to the channel where we splitted a pizza.
 Don’t know and Pep’s place
After the pizza we got gelato and then walked back to the hostel to make some bookings. Later on we went to the old town again and went around the streets we already walked a bunch of times. We sat down at a café for ice coffee, and then we went to get burgers. 
After dinner we found a big stage in a park close by where Ljubljana Festival were going on. There were a live show with acrobats which we sat down and watched for a while. Before the night ended I made sure to get the last out of Ljubljana and got another ice cream at a new restaurant just by the channel.


2018-06-17 @ 18:46:00

Resselpark and Schloss Belvedere
Right now we are on our way to Slovenia from Budapest, but to make the most out of the trip we made a stop in Vienna for a few hours. Unfortunately the lockers at the train station were full, so we had to carry our bags around. Despite that we managed to go for a walk, see some nice buildings and get an ice coffee.


2018-06-17 @ 18:26:00

Gellert bath
Our night train arrived at Budapest railway station at 9 am on Friday morning. After that we went to the hostel, had breakfast, and then went to Gellert bath. Gellert bath is one of the famous thermal baths in Budapest that I’ve always wanted to go to. 
The parliament building and the food hall
After the bath we made lunch at the hostel, and then we went to the city centre. We had goulasch soup and wiener schnitzel for dinner, followed by drinks at a rooftop.
On the Hop On Hop Off bus, View over Pest, view over Buda, finishing the lunch with an ice coffee 
View over Pest, the Parliament building again
The second day in Budapest we went on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour where we first went around the city centre. After lunch we went to the castle where we walked around for a bit and looked at the view, which was quite amazing. The evening got pretty quiet, we cooked dinner at the hostel and had an early night.


2018-06-15 @ 23:59:00

A pancake café, Charles Bridge, view from Malá Strana and the old town
We arrived to Prague late on Tuesday and went straight to our hostel and then to sleep. When we woke up the next day it was raining and not close to as warm as Berlin. We went out to get breakfast and ended up at a small café that served pancakes and wine. I got the chopped up pancakes mixed with scrambled eggs and bacon - this was supposed to be some kind of specialty. 
After breakfast we had another stroll around the city, as you can see on the pictures the weather was not too happy though. After lunch we went on a walk up to Petrin Hill and Malá Strana (the little side) which gives you a great view over the city. 
In the evening we went to a another pub crawl, which got pretty intense just as we got promised. It’s fair to say that we had a really good night at least. 
The second and last day in Prague didn’t get very busy, we just made some more strolling in the city and prepared for the next trip that was the night train to Budapest.

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